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Email scam is no more surprise now as fraudsters and hackers look for different ways to trick users and make them click on malicious links. A recent email scam is reported to hit Gmail and Outlook users are sent mail that impersonates super market. The scam offers access to gift cards for which users have to enter their personal details and instead of getting cards, they end up losing their personal information and of course, money also.

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The fraudulent email is designed so professionally that it resembles a brand in market. The link is also placed intentionally that users can’t resist clicking on that. Gmail and Outlook are the two most widely used emails in the market and frauds like this can lead to excessive loss of both personal information and money for users from all over the world.

The fraudulent link is designed professionally to tempt users click on it

Users who click on the link are taken to a website and participation of users yields no such gifts to them. Several emails are bombarded that claim to be from a big supermarket offering gift cards by taking part in a survey.

Users must focus on the language (spellings and grammar) of such emails and should never share their personal information or password for participating in any survey. Moreover, no unknown links should be clicked nor any attachment should be downloaded.

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