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game gets rendered to screen. Generally, the games get rendered 60 frames a second, however, if the game is complex then the global rendering speed can reduce the speed of mobile games. To overcome this problem, use the timer offered by the game engine instead of your own timer. 

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1Keep a check on memory consumption

One of the aspects which an iPhone game development company should keep in mind is to make sure that an app does not consume the entire memory of your user’s device. Ensure that the memory usage can get confined in different ways on different devices like iPods and iPads. You can use GLSprite Demo from Apple to reduce memory consumption.- This tool uses many memory and cache images that may let down the game performance

2Do not consider third party libraries

Many a time, an iPhone game or app developer consider opting simple path for game development. This path holds the least resistance and can build games around third-party libraries. Avoid the integration of third-party apps into your game build to get used on iPhones and iPads. Also, this will ensure that you can feature your app on the App Store.

3Choose the best platform for app development

Opting for the best app development platform will help you with multiplying your workflow and focus on the creative part of it instead of the routine. Yes, the choice depends on the genre of your game, its animation, and also the user input solutions. Below are some of the powerful iOS game development you could choose from.

  • GameMaker: One of the most favorable platforms across iOS and Android game development, GameMaker provides all the necessary tools for end-to-end game building. It offers a drag and drop interface along with other exporting tools and other vital components as well.
  • Stencyl: You can create games without the need for coding. Stencyl has been sponsored by leading publishers like Kongregate, Newgrounds, ArmorGames, etc.
  • LiveCode: With LiveCode, you can create native games and apps seamlessly. The tool comes with numerous extensions, libraries, and widgets to accentuate the game development process.

4Time to wrap up

Now, you must be aware of how your iOS game gains popularity among the masses. If there’s a game developer in you, start developing a game of your own by taking note of the aforementioned things and give your users an exciting experience altogether.


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