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Technical upgrades haven’t laid down even in the ongoing pandemic. The dire need for technologies has in turn drawn significant investments leading to industries’ development.

Native App Developer in USAAugmented Reality is one such technology that is capable of building blocks shortly and drew huge numbers in sectors like medical, retail, and automotive.

For most people, Augmented reality app development is something new to be served. Let me brief this term. Augmented reality gaming refers to the synchronization of video and audio content of a game with the user’s environment in real-time. The premier example of AR gaming is Pokemon Go. AR gaming is a connection between the virtual world with the real world.

Just like, Pokemon Go offered an existing environment as a playfield and virtual characters, all the other or should I say upcoming games will be based on the same methodology.

Devices compatible with AR gaming include smartphones, laptops, tablets, and portable gaming systems.

More About AR Gaming

Virtual reality gained immense popularity when it broke into the market. A whole new gaming experience that was accepted with both hands by the masses.

AR gaming has been introduced with a vision to take gaming one step further. The gaming experience is characterized into four aspects namely, emotional, social, physical, and mental.

The dire need to upgrade the gaming industry seems to have sorted as of now with AR gaming. Affordability is another prospect on which AR gaming has emphasized to boost its reach in the global market.

The business model looks elaborative and effective which covers the aspect of the expansion of the developers of AR gaming as well. The rising affordability of AR games coupled with increasing availability is a key factor to influence the global AR market.

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Global Augmented Reality Market In And After 2020 

As of 2020, many companies are focusing on augmented reality app development. There is a boom in the AR market already and is projected to reach US$ 3664.5 million by 2026, from US$ 849 million in 2019. The rate at which this growth is estimated to boost is 27.6%.

AR For Different Sectors

This forecast is not only for the AR gaming industry, but other sectors are also going to enjoy this expansion.

Talking about sectors, in healthcare, AR can be used to provide a simulated view of a patient, where a surgeon can easily see the patient’s body part and get an idea of the condition. AR modeling and 3D visualization will be the key aspects of the healthcare sector.

For retail industries, AR will be providing a wide range of technical inputs that will apprehend a smooth connection flow between customers and retailers.

Companies To Bank Upon In The AR Market

There are augmented reality development company and companies which are working their hearts out to achieve success. They thrive to produce the best outcome which will evaluate the AR market in the future.

Not many know this, but Google (US) is at the helm of the Augmented reality market. Various companies are working on developing Head-mounted display better known as HMDs. Google’s involvement in this market is expected to repay dividends especially after the boost they surfaced between 2016 and 2018.

Apart from Google, names like PTC, Wikitude, PTC, DAQRI, Zugara, Blippar, Osterhout, Magic Leap are also in the spotlight of Augmented reality development.

The popularity of AR development keeps mounting. Not only the well-esteemed business firms but over 3000 startups have also started their base with AR development worldwide.

Microsoft Was The First To Sell AR Glasses, HoloLens

A bulk producer of windows application software, Microsoft has set its feet in AR development too. In early 2016, Microsoft launched AR-based smart glasses named HoloLens. The HoloLens was made available to developers, businesses, and educational institutions.


These are the next-gen wearable AR devices that focus on amalgamating virtual experience with the real world. Going one step ahead, in November 2019, HoloLens 2 replaced the old version with restriction of availability on the general public still imposed. The device cost USD 3500.

Mobile AR Apps Already Available

The increase in the growth of the AR market has been phenomenal. Apple was the first to release Apple’s ARKit tool in June 2017 which focused on developing mobile AR apps for iOS.

Following the suit, Android’s ARCore got released in March 2018 which allowed the AR app developers to develop apps for the Android framework. Since then, the market has been unstoppable for both platforms and over 2000 AR games have been developed until 2019. The numbers are expected to increase shortly at an extensive rate. Pushing boundaries would be the key in this field as developers will look to implement a different set of tools along with regular updates.


With AR gaming, the future is already here, and the statistics are enough to say the rest. Heavy investment in edge computing frameworks would be the need in the future to develop more effective AR applications with minimal latency. AR gaming is going to conquer the gaming world in a short period.


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