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The scientist makes the inventions, the enterprise world improvises it and then it reaches the masses. The technology we see is invented for the basic function which is later customized by the innovators at different business companies in order to fulfill the necessity and luxury of their audience. Well, mobile application development company is the innovator and carrier of the technology which makes sure to ease the lifestyle of the people by coming up with different applications like food delivery, taxi booking app and much more. The point is V’Day is the day of love and it doesn’t have to be just about lovers but all the relationships you come across your life, for example, your bestie can be your valentine or your Grandpa you haven’t seen for years is in town can be your valentine. So now that we are addicted to mobile applications so much for everything we do. Let us explore the unique features of the mobile apps to make up your day for the valentine.

Luxury ride with Uber

cab booking appUber is known for taxi booking and is quite popular for its local taxi service via a mobile application but they have this unique feature of a ride in luxury cars like BMW and Mercedes. This can be the new thing you do hire a BMW to drop you from work to home instead of buying the bunch of stuff toys which are by the way Red in color. Gift yourself a luxurious ride.

Last minute Getaway with Airbnb

The weekday doesn’t allow you to do much apart from work so if you plan to get away on the coming weekend then Airbnb is the best app to book an accommodation which is cozy and affordable. This application allows you to book Homestays at the place where you wish to take a trip in.

Dine out with Zomato

App for Food DeliveryHaving dinner outside is like the first thought at every couple’s mind. So this day might load the database of Zomato and it is a perfect solution to avoid a hassle outside restaurants for delicious dinner.

Order Gifts with Paytm

 Order Gifts with PaytmNow let us be honest everyone loves to send gifts even if they say “I don’t believe in giving gifts”. Online gift portals take care of your feelings and let you express it through an object. Paytm being a wallet has an e-commerce website which has a plenty of gifts for your friends and family.

House Party Fun with Karaoke

House Party Fun

Being Comfortable is the first choice for anyone and if you are lazy to move out of your house try partying home with home delivered food and games. Karaokes the most fun gaming application where you can sing to the lyrics and have more fun than in a room full of a lot of people.

To look on as a whole this day comes with a lot of love in the air and this year the most lovable things are SmartPhone, you might be able to live without your family and friends but its hard to spend even few hours without your Phone. The freshness on your software, website and Play store is brought by the iOS and Android app development working day in day out to get as many users on board as possible to top on the list of subscribers. So make the best use of these applications for a perfect day and in case you would want an app for your business contact FLUPER, top-rated mobile app development Company around you.

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