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On Tuesday, Apple said that it refused nearly 1 Million apps from its App Store for the first time in 2020. This declaration is the new sign that indicates Apple showing more transparency whether how to rejects and approves iPhone apps for security concerns. In response to review including lawmakers’ regulatory attention and Epic Games’ lawsuit. 

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Apple asserts that by availing a system where the organization approves all 1.8 million apps on App Store and their updates. Reviewing these apps against a long list of App Store regulations, make iPhone users secure from malware, scams, and low-quality user experiences. 

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In 2020, Apple provided a wide statistics figure about its process of app rejection. 

  • It denied nearly 1 million apps that first time submitted. 
  • Nearly 1 million app updates were rejected. 
  • 48,000 apps were eliminated for using “undocumented or hidden features”, frequently application tools that Apple applies internally for its own apps. 
  • Almost 150,000 apps were abolished as those were collected extreme user data or other violations of privacy. 
  • The number of apps removed due to fraudulent is almost 95,000. Often because those suddenly changed after getting Apple’s review turns a different app, including pornography or gambling apps. 

Additionally, Apple said that in the previous month, it refused 3.2 million apps installation that applies an enterprise certificate. It is a path to avoid the App Store with a tool that big organizations use to internal-use apps installation on company iPhones.Best Android App Development Services

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