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A mysterious malware is affecting more than 30,000 Apple macs and Apple Corporation is unable to identify any clue how and what kind of malware viruses are those. According to a study report by Security Researchers, this malware called ‘Sliver Sparrow’, and vigorously infecting Mac devices. 

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Silver Sparrow comes with a certain mechanism that self-destructive and well capable of conducting high-stealth activities typically. There are hardly any symbols that the self-destructive program has been applied. Now the question is arising why this kind of mechanism exists. The existence of malware provoking the security researchers and the presence is firstly announced by Ars Technica. Lacking the ultimate payload recommends that, this malware might leap anytime into action. 

This prototype malware has been identified in different places over 153 countries with substantial detection that reported in Germany, France, Canada, the US, and the UK. Silver Sparrow has proactively clustered a binary compiled to work on the M1 chipset of Apple, but lacks a special payload feature. 

Although it has not noticed yet Silver Sparrow offering any extra malicious payload, is becoming a potential threat to the M1 chipset’s compatibility, high rated infection, operational maturity, and global reach. This malware is equipped in a unique position to offer a promising payload impact within a flash of time.

In two different versions including Mach-O binary and Mach-Object format’s binary assembled for processors like Intel x86_64, Silver Sparrow is infecting. 

Researchers have already done their duty and they previously warned Apple for its silicon M1 chipset, as they told them it is a simple and open platform for hackers to introduce malware.

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