Do you find that designing a knockout app is sufficient to add up value to every day users? May be or may not be. Mind it, that there are more than 2 million apps that are accommodating in major app stores. According to Flurry State of Mobile Report, an exponential growth in mobile app usage has been witnessed 11% YOY. Creating a mobile app is just an accomplishment of the part of an elaborate process and the next step comes to a robust mobile app marketing. One of the biggest issue faced by any mobile app publishers are app discovery and its accommodation in the mobile app space.

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Competitors keep on finding ways to somehow slither into the way and slide the target audience from you which makes the scenario quite critical. Here comes App Store Optimisation strategy into the picture. For better understating you can have a view at one of the explanatory infographics by Fluper.


Apart from the popular means of app discovery for instance, media, app discovery apps, and word of mouth etc. search is by far the most common and easiest method to discover the app from the concerned app store. If you are still away from the algorithm of App Store Optimisation, then really it is quite difficult to strive in this impulsive competition.  

Why ASO?



To enhance app visibility, Apple and Google have already nailed down certain algorithms with some of the best practices and tactics that have come forth with the help of old-fashioned research. According to Adnews minor adjustments to titles, keywords, descriptions and visual listing elements are sufficient to result the visibility improvements measurable in Australia.  Similarly Forrester acclaimed 63% of the apps are ascertained through app store. ASO is a procedure to improve the mobile app’s visibility in an App Store. Just like Search Engine Optimisation is for website, analogously App Store Optimisation is for mobile apps. There are various ASO strategies that can push your apps into the top of the chart. Apart from these, there are some more reasons to get your hands in ASO strategies:

  • With the help of recommendations in category as well as sub-category, ASO would serve with ample opportunities to increase app ranking.
  • It increases the vivid chances of conversion, brand recall and rapid app comprehension with the help of suitable icons and screenshot suggestions.
  • It would resolve the ultimate motive i.e. search discovery as well as increase in app sales.

This strategy is as impactful to strive the millions of competitors. Since it is still continuing to garner continuous traction on a regular basis. Hence this is a concept must be aware by the every mobile application development companies.

What are the mechanics involved with ASO?

This is the ultimate responsibility of app marketers to view ASO in two separate segments in order to successfully optimise the app listing and increasing app visibility;

  • Increasing discoverability by keyword optimisation
  • Improved conversion through storefront optimisation
  1. Primary factors:

Title: It is quite essential that the keyword must be placed into the title in the best possible way to get the heaviest search traffic. A considerable research must be dedicated for the keyword since continuous changing of title is quite detrimental.

Keywords: In order to improve the search ranking, you must know the relevant keywords that are more likely be used by the target audience. There are few relevant concepts like app store keyword ranking, Search volume etc.

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2. Secondary factors:

Importance of Download: Even though you don’t have entire control on the number of downloads but downloads are considered to be an essential metrics for ASO.

Ratings and Reviews: outline a strategy to incentivise the app users to give genuine reviews and ratings.

App Logo and screenshots: Importance of app store as well as Screenshots lie to capture the user’s imagination and must be stood out of the crowd. It can be considered as an opening sentence of a blog. If these words are not capable enough to consume the attention immediately, then the user will slide to someone else.

The same principle is applicable on screenshots as well which are considered to be the initial impression of a potential user while visiting the app store. According to AppShots, 47% of iOS users and 53% of Android users found their last apps via app store searching. Hence screenshots are considered to be another space to advertise app.  

App Publisher Name:  It has been observed that users are now paying attention to the publisher name. So, app publisher name must be tied to increase the visibility.

App category: It is quite essential to choose primary and secondary category for your app. Although a vital decision to connect the right user and can swing the app ranking but depends on the level of competition in the concerned category.

Localising the Screenshots: In case, the business is concerned with the location, it is quite imminent to localise the screenshots as well as descriptions apart from the primary screenshots, i.e. supporting descriptions. For instance, if you have a grocery store in Delhi, then a screenshot of the map location can be included with the help of free local businesses that are specialised to make localised screenshots.

Important questions that must be resolved while embracing ASO.

Is higher ratings rate analogous to search results?

According to a comprehensive research as well as traditional learning, an easy keyword that end in less than 25 apps has to work hard to rank the keyword. Similarly “Medium” keywords that are included in 25-100 app. But more than 100 apps are stuffed with the competitive keywords. On the basis of this, it can easily be understood that higher rating establishes higher rank as far as keyword placement is concerned.

So yes, higher ratings are analogous to search results.

Is there any correlation between downloads and higher app store search ranking?

Number of times an app is downloaded can only be aware by the mobile app developers and the concerned app store. Even I do not possess the number of downloads hence the number of ratings are considered as a proxy. Although it has been observed that download-to-rating conversion rate is somewhat similar across most of the apps. However, it is pretty much correct upto certain extent that there is a positive relationship between downloads and higher app store search ranking.

Hence it is quite essential to understand the fact that in case keywords lie on the competitive category, a larger number of downloads can be expected as a result to rank higher.

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Effective tools for App Store optimisation:

App Store Optimisation

The biggest tragedy in the app market is that the mediocre mobile application development companies experiences the extreme level of competitive ecosystem created by biggest developers since they enter with the huge marketing budgets and successfully attract the largest amount of free media coverage. This struggle is more often experienced by even startups to get media coverage. In order to minimise this gap, it comes with App store optimisation tools for an effective results at an affordable price.

  • App Annie

By effective market data metrics analysis which includes historical rankings, ratings, reviews as well as keywords, it effectively optimises the app store strategy across any app, categories as well as countries. There are some features of App Annie that make App Store Optimisation quite seamless:

  • It validates growth strategies by precise reviewing the performance and produces results by evaluating growth potential of an app publisher.
  • It visualises how app updates cast impact on the app store ranking.
  • It gains a competitive edge by monitoring the competitor market share and growth trends.
  • It advances organic discoverability and conversion.


  • Store Maven

This app is very effective to increase app store conversion rate and enables to pay less for every installation. The ultimate goal is to make the App Store quick, authentic as well as affordable. What makes it distinguishable is supported by Split testing, where you will be able to test the following:

  • Title
  • Icon
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Video
  • Screenshots
  • Description

App Figures

App figures is like a boon to the mobile app developers since it effectively monitors mobile app tracking platform covering the domain of indie devs and small studios to mega publishers as well as ventures. These are some of the features that really makes it worth distinguishable from other apps:

  • Reviews: It enables to get the notifications whenever you are looking to review the app
  • Usage: tracks sessions, active users, crashes as well as other utilisation data
  • Sales and Downloads: Monitors sales, downloads as well as in-app purchases.

The wrapping up

ASO is a gradual process that is needed to be tracked and looks to be tweaked constantly over a period of time. It is quite difficult to find the optimal set of keywords that are considered to be the essence of ASO. It must be kept into the mind that the most common approach of ASO is no approach at all. A perfect ASO is reckoned by the comprehensive research on keyword searches in order to increase the livelihood of app being discovered. So a successful ASO looks to track their own rankings as well of its competitors. More apps are being published regularly with the variations in ratings, reviews as well as downloads that can impact search ranking in the long run. However, Fluper believes in good natured tolerance while implementing ASO strategies in order to ensure long-run survival.


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