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Do you have a plan on hosting an application in 2022? The first item to think about it is the App hosting platforms and App Hosting Cost. Most people are concerned about the expense and believe it is excessive. It, however, depends on the mobile App Hosting Server you select. You must also consider the cost of the server and the app’s maintenance. When you add up all of these charges, you’ll get the best App Hosting Cost. Anyway, we’ve put up a detailed guide with everything you need to know about the App hosting platforms and App Hosting Cost.

What is mobile App Hosting?

Mobile App hosting enables you to run your applications on servers or in a cloud-hosted by a service provider, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), which provide the foundations for hosting your apps.

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App hosting platforms:

Application Hosting Services are computing platforms that enable the delivery of applications over the Internet. Numerous platforms provide dependable, rapid, and complete methods to deploy your apps for free. Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Service (AWS) are the most popular App hosting platforms. These are the cloud hosting platforms.

App hosting platforms on Native Cloud:

To host the applications on the cloud you have several options, like IaaS, PaaS and SaaS.

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

Here your total App Hosting Cost is estimated with the combined calculation of the cost of infrastructure, App hosting platforms and App Hosting Server.

Platform as a service (PaaS)

Here your App Hosting Cost consists of App hosting platforms and App Hosting Server, but not the cost of Infrastructure.

Software as a service ( SaaS)

Here you’ll only pay for the App Hosting Server. You don’t have to bear the cost of infrastructure and App hosting platforms.

Advantages of Cloud as App hosting platforms:

Advantages of Cloud as App hosting platforms

1. Scalability

Scalability is the fundamental advantage that cloud hosting has over other technologies that have come before itYou can begin small and grow up as needed without incurring the App Hosting Cost.

2. Improved performance

Choosing Cloud as the App hosting platforms increases scalability and provides better performance. Customers’ availability improves as capacity expands. Load balancing between several servers is also possible when using cloud hosting, resulting in a reduced burden on any single server and a better user experience for all.

3. Disaster Recovery

Another advantage of the App hosting platforms is it facilitates disaster recovery. Cloud hosting is recommended, especially when using a multi-server hosting design.

4. Cost Savings

App Hosting Cost is decreased since App Hosting Server in Cloud eliminates the need to purchase, house, and maintain hardware. The need to pay for unused capacity is also eliminated.

App hosting Cost in Native Cloud?

App hosting platforms on Native Cloud

You can get an idea about the App Hosting Cost from the following details.

  • Most providers will provide a Free Tier or a Free Trial to allow users to begin creating their applications for free.
  • Usage-Based Model: In most circumstances, the mobile App Hosting Server will adopt a pay-as-you pricing model that charges users based on app usage.
  • Fixed Pricing: Some vendors will additionally provide a pre-defined resource structure along with a pricing mechanism.
  • The entry-level App Hosting Cost starts at $5 per month.

List of App hosting platforms and its cost:

List of App hosting platforms and its cost

Here are a few mobile App Hosting Server companies. We expose the App Hosting Cost of each server one by one to show you which ones meet your financial requirements:


AWS (Amazon Web Series) is a popular provider of App Hosting Server. There are two sorts of costs to consider while determining their entire App Hosting Cost. The total App Hosting Cost includes computer fees as well as request fees. In general, the calculated charges for a mobile app are $18.34, while the request charges are roughly $0.40. As a result, the total cost of AWS server hosting services is $18.74.


GCP or Google Cloud Platform is one of the most affordable App Hosting Server. The compute charges, which are $2.75 per month, are excessively low.

The request App Hosting Cost is quite standard, at $0.40. As a result, the whole server hosting service is only $3.25 per month


The average monthly Azure App Hosting Server fee is $18. The compute charges are always less than $17.6. The request charges, on the other hand, are roughly $0.40. Adding these two costs result monthly App Hosting Cost of $18.00.

The Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is a cloud infrastructure company based in the United States. It also provides mobile application server hosting. The overall App Hosting Cost of hosting is slightly greater than the rest. It does not, however, surpass $ 20 per month.

How to select App hosting platforms?

Here are some of the key aspects to look for when selecting an App Hosting Server:

  1. Application compatibility:

Just as no two apps are alike, no one-size-fits-all solution exists for application hosting. The characteristics that the App hosting platforms must provide will be determined by the software needs of your application.

  1. The onboarding process:

Depending on the sort of application you need to host, many App hosting platforms will provide a one-click setup to make the deployment process easier. However, deployment is only one piece of the puzzle; you’ll also need to investigate the platform’s management tools, as well as analyse their documentation and other resources, to get started with the App hosting platforms.

  1. Security features:

When it comes to cyber security, you should constantly be on the offensive, especially now that data breaches are occurring at an alarming rate. Keep an eye out for App Hosting Server that invests in infrastructure security against both physical and online assaults.

  1. Reliability and uptime:

App Hosting Server, whether on-premise or in the cloud, must occasionally go offline for maintenance and other reasons such as defective hardware and other disturbances. Check the length of time a service is affected by these types of issues.

  1. Support and service:

Because most firms give round-the-clock service to their customers, you’ll need the same level of service from your App Hosting Server and communication options such as live chat, email, or phone.

  1. Data export services:

While it is quite usual for all providers to allow you to export your data from the providers, it is still a good idea to look for this feature. App Hosting Server providers can and do fail, which is a reasonable concern and one of the drawbacks of hosting apps on a distant platform rather than on-premise.

Final words:

As a result, when looking for App Hosting Server, pricing or cost is an important issue to consider. The hosting firms mentioned above are the most reputable and dependable mobile app hosting service providers. As previously stated, you can evaluate their pricing to determine which company best meets your financial requirements. If you choose a reputed mobile App development company for hosting your app, it can give you proper App hosting platforms with App Hosting Server at a low App Hosting Cost.


What Benefits Can Cloud Hosting Offer?

Scalability, adaptability in pricing, and disaster recovery

What Is the Price to Host a Mobile App?

– The majority of providers offer a free tier

Pricing typically starts at $5 per month, and it is either fixed or usage-based.

What are a few examples of App Hosting Platforms?

AWS, Azure and Digital Ocean

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