According to news report published by Jumia, Nigeria’s largest online retailer where the number of Nigeria’s mobile subscribers have reached 150 million as well as exponential increase to 97.2 million with the rate of penetration of 81% and 53% respectively. Africa which has been a center of activity, interest, commerce, transportation and hub of developing countries, it witnessed an exponential increase of 960 million mobile subscribers with 216 million internet users which has shown an increasing mobile internet appetite. It has evidenced that even developing countries like Nigeria has responded well with innovation taking place in the world of mobile app development.

Although mobile app marketing relies on the platform on which the app is basically built upon. Hence, as far as Android app development is concerned, it comes with a wider range of devices with different screen resolution and thus the app is developed on the basis of marketing perspective.  According to a survey which elucidated the fact that India will have over 810 million smartphone users by the end of the year 2021 which has offered money making business opportunities especially Android application development companies which is reckoned by the fact that smart phone users particularly in the developing countries are looking for some apps to invade their daily lives. Majority of the smartphones are Android-based with over 84%user base with innumerable benefits apart from affordability, usability as well as user-friendly interface which proves the fact that Android is still the first choice in developing countries over the other platforms.

Hence it looks for surefire strategy to further penetrate into the market of developing countries:

Organic Marketing

More apps means more competition for users which leads to the dynamic increase of user acquisition cost within the stratosphere. But companies have abundant choice where they can dedicate sufficient resources in order to acquire app users or even they can invest more in order to retain high-value customers. As more and more app marketers are readily focusing on the approach that emphasizes “quality over quantity”. Reckoning over the data from Business Insider:

Globally Android organic users come in over 3.81 session as compared to the 3.56 sessions as far as non-organic users are concerned. As far as retention is concerned, then North America has the best score across the region. For organic users the break down is approximately 35.8% for Day 1 retention whereas 4.1 for Day 30 retention.   Among non-organic users the retention rates are 27.3% and 3.5% respectively.  

Organic Marketing

But rankings play a quite crucial role in order to successfully strive the cut throat competition. Hence it is quite essential to understand that system of organic ranking works distinctly as far as App Store and Google Play Store are concerned. In order to give the optimum exposure to the Google Play Store Android app description must be loaded up with essential features and descriptions. Google Play relies more on app usage rate, hence the app development must focus on developing the app that has a higher user ratio.

Delineating on Free or Paid

Although it is quite important to decide whether to make a paid or free android app. Since you are making strategies to trigger sales in evolving countries, hence you can develop with some locked features that can bring to the use when user pays for it. All this help in enticing more users as compared to the paid one. Even other companies can be partnered in order to promote the products with the help of apps and even give exposure to the users when they earn some good discounts. This is known to be in-app mobile advertising. Even with the help of ad banners, the app has a good probability to earn some good revenue.

Delineating on Free or Paid

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Determining the ultimate needs of the target audience

You and your app should be for the interest of the target audience. Hence, before proceeding with the idea of developing an app, determine the need! Hence it looks for the comprehensive research as far as the problems of audience are concerned. This would further elucidate the ultimate purpose of developing the app in a better way! This would also end up the planning of app well and further delineation of features and functionalities to be added. So the app can only be accepted by the audience if they get what they actually need.

Social Media strategy

Although there are variety of resources for getting the marketing plan organised but social media keeps evolving i.e. it responds to the new technology like mobile devices that are constantly exceeding the expectations as far as users are concerned. It competes with itself to bring something more as well as better features. So, irrespective to the size as well as features of Android app, social media strategy must be kept into the mind. This would not only be beneficial to increase the brand awareness but also captivate the personal part of the app in order to connect the audience in a much better manner. Hence if the app development is done according to the social media strategy evolving currently, it will not only prove to be a powerful tool for mobile app developers but also for the app users as well. This will help the mobile app developers to update their recent products.

Social Media strategy

Hence Social Media is quite essential as the app can be marketed directly without any mediator and can propagate to the Android users straight to the users. It can establish a transparent relation as far as developers and customers are concerned. So, it ends up with a fruitful manner since the app review as well as suggestion process can be paced up quite easily.

User-friendly apps

User Retention is considered to be the most important aspect irrespective whether looking for an app to be developed for Android or any other platform. While considering the market perspectives, the app must be developed keeping in mind some additional features that would keep the app ahead from its contemporaries. Hence it is quite essential to have a notifications feature in order to keep the users updated with the modifications in the apps. Hence the trick of push notifications will work as a golden option in order to build loyalty base to make the users wanted.

Wrapping up:

According to Fluper, it is quite essential to have an eagle’s eye on the android application development if you want to penetrate into the evolving app market. This would not only crystallise where the app is actually heading upto but will also ensure the most authentic marketing strategy to be adopted so that you will get a clear idea even during the situation of crisis. It case you are targeting into the developing country and looking for a proven strategy then Fluper is here to develop the most authentic as well as ROI generating Android Apps.

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