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At last, Amazon’s Prime Video incorporates functionality that has been a staple for online content services: user profiles. Through accounts, subscribers of Prime Video will have access to their Watchlist, tailored reviews, and will be able to monitor their achievement in streaming, compared to competing platforms such as Netflix.

The latest profiles will first be available on the iOS, Android, Fire tablet (Gen 10 and above) and Fire TV Instant Video app on the Instant Video website, in addition to the Prime Video applications on other living room computers.

Earlier this year, NDTV spotted prime video profiles, leading to some erroneous reporting that the feature had officially launched to all. In reality, Amazon first rolled out profiles to its Indian and African customers. Now, it makes it accessible to everyone around the world, including the U.S.

The website would only provide age-appropriate material with any profile set as a “Family” profile for those 12-year-olds or younger. The results of the search and feedback for the search will also be filtered to include only Kids’ names. Nor will children with a Kids profile be allowed to make transactions.

Meanwhile, any adult profile should be able to play all of the Prime Video material that is the main account, including bought or leased material, Prime Video themes, Prime Video Channels, and Live content.

However, if the adult wishes to set up parental controls on their account so that this content, like living room TV, is not available on a mobile computer, they can do so. In this case, limits on accessibility would be allowed because like they do now, parents should insert a PIN code for accessing the content.

Families can also continue to prohibit children from making adult profile transactions by allowing for Payment Restrictions under Prime Video Preferences, which would also include a PIN to complete the transaction.

On mobile apps the only exception to how kid profiles operate. The Prime Video app would allow a child profile to view the updates of the adult profile on the Smartphone — an Amazon decision made because, if the computer was taken offline, it did not want to block access to apps, making it difficult to profile transfer.

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Furthermore, Prime Video will automatically build accounts for all users and consumers who have set up wallet-sharing in their Amazon Household settings. This can be removed from the Manage your Profiles page but it cannot be re-enabled until profile sharing is off.

To date, the absence of user accounts has been one of the biggest oversights of Amazon’s Prime Video subscription service, which was first released in 2011, and has become a highly sought after product for years. Today, subscription platforms are not only focusing on their content collection but as good they can display the titles from that catalog by customized reviews and other resources that make it readily available to a user’s tastes and interests. But Prime Video overlooked the need and required all household members to share a common account. The decision showed consumers that even Amazon did not consider Prime Video as a true rival to other premium providers, such as Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+.


Amazon advises that customer profiles are being released today but not everyone can necessarily see them. The function rolled out in waves, so you can see them come in a couple of days, if not today.


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