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In this tech-oriented world, it becomes frequent to see everyone using smartwatches or bracelets to track daily life, health, and sleeping functionalities.

The most valuable watch that most of the people prefer to wear is the Apple watch. It is mostly because of the accuracy and the quality that the makers of the watch delivered. It is the only watch that isn’t short in terms of apps. Many developers invest their valuable time and efforts to implement codes and outcast amazing experiences for such the smallest screens that Apple builds. 

There goes a lot of buzzes that some great apple watch apps can be installed and used on the Apple watch. iWatch app development services are focusing to deliver some of the best apps for the iWatch.

The latest Apple Watch Series 5 may not have brought the native sleep app we all have been waiting for, but with the presence of top iWatch app development company, you can get the same functionality using Apple Watch sleep tracking apps.

Apple has enabled the sleep tracking experience to be a little easier. You can use the theatre mode to stop the screen illuminating when you are in bed, and DO NOT DISTURB has a handy ‘Until Morning’ setting, you won’t be rudely awakened in the night. Just swipe up on from the bottom of the Apple Watch screen to find those.

Here are some of the 5 best Sleep tracking iWatch apps that you can go for:


What first hits the mind of its user is how vibrant the look of the app is. To get the most out of the app, you have to spend $27.49 a year for its premium. The app uses a combination of movement, sounds, and heart rate to follow the patterns, presents the data in gorgeous, easy-to-read charts. The graphs are clear and detailed, with more focus on sleep stages than Autosleep. It tracks deep, REM, and light sleep, time in bed, and crucially, the time sleep. It delivers a sleep quality score and tracks your heart rate through the night. 


The second to hit the list is Autosleep. The key feature is based on its name, it works automatically. Many of other sleep trackers apps that require you to tell them when you are getting into bed. It takes thinking out of the process and is known for its accuracy. It produces close results but can always tweak the sensitivity for better accuracy. Among the stats you get, duration of sleep, a sleep rating, readiness score. The app also reports the amount of deep sleep and keep tabs on your nightly heart rate. 


It is one of the most popular iOS apps on the app store, with one of its biggest selling points being its simplicity. It is a free app with no paid subscription tier; The app is best, but data is bare-bones compared to others in the test. The app shows a start button, stop button, and a blue chart to display your sleep patterns. It will automatically track & you can quickly make adjustments if you need to. Like auto-sleep, it will write the sleep data to Apple health and will automatically log sleep when activated on the companion iPhone app

Sleep Watch

The other best iWatch app to track bedtime slumber is Sleep Watch. It automatically keeps tabs on the time, heart rate, and stages of your sleep. It looks for dips in your heart rate that the makers suggest correlate with more restful sleep. It will then derive a score based on the quality of your night-time hours. Sleep Watch is ranked as disrupted, light, or restful which is both deep and REM combined.  

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Sleep cycle

The app works totally on a different concept. The Sleep Cycle puts the focus on waking up, rather than time spent asleep. It aims to bring the smart alarm feature found on many fitness trackers to the Apple Watch, which wakes you up in a lighter stage in your sleep cycle. You can snooze the alarm from the wrist, or take advantage of an intelligent snooze feature which lets you have a few extra minutes in bed. Sleep Cycle is well worth giving a try as it gets keep tabs on sleep stages and quality. You can also buy a premium as it offers insights on trends, snore detection, sleep sounds, and also note behaviors that affect your sleep. 


We anticipate the Apple Watch Series 6 is expected to hit the market in September 2020. It will be the first of the series to automatically track sleep, but, for now, there is a raft of free and paid third-party apps to try out. Here we have put on some of the best apps that you can go for.Disclaimer

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