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Why mobile apps are in trend nowadays? Why almost every organization is ready to invest in them? This is because we all know that mobile apps are the best way of improving a business. These apps are considered to be the perfect platform to showcase your ideas.  No matter what is the reason behind building a mobile app, I am sure your ultimate goal is to make more money.

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Without any doubt, there is a huge amount of money you can earn with mobile apps. However, it is not as simple as it seems to be. If you wish to expand the earnings of your app, it is recommended to consult an app development company. Do you know why?

The usage of Smartphone has grown significantly within the last few years and the experts have predicted a continuous growth. As per 2017 report, the mobile traffic analyzed 63% of the complete website traffic in the US.  Whereas, it was also revealed that the adults spend approximately 6 hours/day on digital media using their Smartphone, laptops, desktops, etc. Therefore, developing a mobile app with an effective feature has become a need of the hour. Especially, if you are a novice and starting a new business, these apps can give you completely a new way to grow. These are some tactics using which you can earn money from them:

  • Enlist with the Application Stores

For distributing your software on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, you need to be a registered member. In order to enlist your app in the Apple Store, you need to pay $99. With this, you will also become eligible for multiple testing tools, early access to the forms of Apple’s dev applications, and many more. However, once registering your app, you will start receiving traffic on your app.

On the other hand, Google Play’s advancement program is less exorbitant, with only a $25 (around £20, AU$35) amount, you can be qualified to utilize the greater part of the online dev tool, as well as accept installments utilizing the Google Payments framework. Once you’re enlisted in both the platforms, you will be given access to their individual in-app payment engines, enabling you to acknowledge money for updates from your clients.

  • Choose an Item

What you create is exceptionally critical. In case you’re a small team, it’s improbable you will build up an enormous mobile game. So pick a specialty rather; a particular area where users may require an application so much that they’re willing to pay for it. Examine the apps listed by your competitors and see what they are charging from the users.

Likewise consider adding your application towards the most earning application categories. In order to make it famous, it is important to choose a proper vision. A vision is one of the most important things while developing a mobile app because the competition is not easy to win.

  • Be Responsive

Another important factor that can help you to make money with an app is to act responsively. After you add your app on play store, one thing which you cannot control is the negative reviews. But, you don’t need to be disheartened. Read them, and react to the individuals who have had issues running your application. Fix issues as you see them.

The reason you should be responsive ought to be obvious. Well, users perusing application will tend to pick the apps that they see with the top ratings. You have to put some extra efforts and do whatever is possible, in order to get as near five stars. Always keep in mind that you need to treat your clients well and resolve all their problems, they have with your mobile application.

  • Incorporate a Rating Framework

It’s not simply criticism that influences your download numbers, obviously – you can be as responsive as you prefer. However, in the event that you don’t have those star appraisals, you’re not getting anyplace. So incorporate a review system in your application to increase the perceivability of your app and get closer to your customers.

Making a balance between the infuriating clients and request them nicely to rate your service or product is not a simple task. A few applications utilize pop-ups and some other use polite notices. It is not about what method you choose, make sure the users don’t get irritated. In addition, you can check your competitors’ app available in the store for a better understanding of what to do or not.

  • Take the Help of Ads

Coming back to the core motive of developing an app, you must be thinking to get money from your users. Every business wants to make a little extra and one of the useful ways to do so is running ads.

Numerous developers go for a banner advertisement, frequently shown on screen, which is a minor irritation – may be insufficient to kill a client, but enough to persuade them to contribute a little in-app purchase, in order to get free from it.  On the other hand, multiple apps use the ads for their promotion. This means when you watch a video the ad comes in between of it, so that you can get the idea that the app has been launched or available in the market.

Whichever way you pick, ensure you join with at least one promotion systems. In short, those which pay better than average rates and whose devices are simple to utilize. Google provides, AdMob, which is its own mobile ad network. It additionally incorporates a component called Mediation. This enables you to serve the ads selectively from multiple networks to maximize the hit rate.  It should work on both Android and iOS OS.


Developing an app without any error is only possible when you have a proficient team of mobile app developers. Moreover, building an app is only a half task; promoting it in a better way so that you can earn some money is a long journey. This is why, I have mentioned some methods to promote your app so that, you can earn money from it.

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