There is development in the technology everyday – fierce competition between companies to come out with new, innovative versions of the smartphone everyday. Each smartphone comes with its own set of apps. Consequently, developers are finding a hard time to make sure their app occupies the home screen.

Trash it! How many of you have been suggested to uninstall your app when your phone hangs? How many of you give a second chance to a failing app?  

With Apple adding more than 20,000 apps to the App store everyday and with more than 2 million options to choose from , how do you make sure your app stays in the limelight ?

It has been observed that 80% of apps get uninstalled within 7 days and around 50% on Day 1. And then there are apps like Whatsapp, Gmail, YouTube, Facebook etc which form a vital part of customer’s daily life.

With so much pressure, how do you make sure your app is part of the whole customer experience and not just a short-term business deal? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered 😉

How do you do it?  Simple – listen to your customers, take feedback and work on it ! easier said than done but by ensuring you keep in mind the following strategies , you will be able to garner more installs than drain money to make people retain your app.

Look For Critical Drop-Off Points

What triggers your customers to take the final step? Here are some potential trigger points which are leading you to the ‘trash’ road –

Look For Critical Drop-Off Points

  • App’s registration process is too cumbersome
  • Is too slow- crashing , freezing , bugs.
  • Takes too much space ; uses too much battery.
  • Too many notifications – too many pings can easily piss your customer off .
  • Same goes for ratings .
  • Lacks content.
  • Isnt attractive.

Use an app’s in built KPI to analyse where users tip-off , how they use the app and what more do they need. Correct these problems as and how they come. Agreed notifications help keep your customers aware about updates, send targeted offers, engage with them on a regular basis, but too many buzzes and pings will push them over the edge and lead to your doom. Similar analogy applies to ratings – you need to make sure you give them enough time to look about the app and see what they like-dislike. Minimising annoying pop-ups, creating a smooth registration process, include default values in blanks etc will help you create a happy base of users.

Having said that, some may be using  your app to compare products – don’t be depressed! Use it to enhance in-app features and offer targeted incentives to your customers.

Build A Great Foundation

First impression is the last impression ; going by that how about you give your customer an out-of-the-world experience right from the start?

  • Make sure you fulfill your promise and emphasize on building an app that is user friendly – guiding them hassle-free.
  • Make sure you have a simple login procedure that takes in social media registrations.
  • Make sure your app isn’t too heavy and doesn’t drain out battery-life ; that way , users struggle to keep their favorite apps on-board.

Build A Great Foundation

New users have a short attention span and a sharp learning curve so make sure to utilise that when building your app from the scratch.

Bring Them Back!

A product is in the cart for days at a stretch. What makes the customers forget?  Its the lack of incentives ; thats why they look for the product elsewhere  where they are provided better discounts and reasonable rates. Use in-app features to track your user’s preferences and accommodate them in your services accordingly. But, how do you bring them back?

Bring Them Back

  • Use in-app notifications to notify the customers about your progress, new features, discounts and development. But be sure to keep the notifications at a minimum – using strategic times to notify them . It doesn’t take long for the pot to boil over now , does it?
  • E-mail marketing : everybody nowadays uses their e-mail; so often that they have an app for it. A smart e-mail marketing program can bring customers back so make sure to use this tool efficiently.
  • Social Media Marketing : Most of the young generation swears by Facebook, Instagram , Snapchat. So, isn’t that a wonderful platform to tell them that you miss them ? be friendly though ! 😉


It’s a fast paced world right there . So, if you don’t catch up you will be among the hundreds and thousands stranded in the cache list. Make sure to have your eyes and ears open to feedback – be it negative or positive. Implement it wisely and you will succeed!

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