It is rightly said by George S. Patton that battle is the most significant competition in which a human being can indulge. And when it comes to two contemporaries, competition is good upto certain level. After a particular level, then cooperation comes into the picture in order to strive maximum profits without harming each other. While every possible human being is engaged with smartphone and this charm has been made possible with the advent of Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android platform. These two giants emerged at the same decade but both have really become a hot topic for bloggers “who is ultimately channelizing the ship”. While Android has not sprung up in a single day so as Apple. These are the two giants who have shown their ability when Microsoft and Blackberry were dominating the grounds.

Although it is quite hard to believe that iPhone was even dismissed by some of the giants who were prevailed with the fortune during that period of time. But gradually it gained a considerable reputation in the mind of users. Analogously, Google made over Android platform that had commercially launched in late 2008 which resembled more like Apple’s iPhone rather than Blackberry phone as per BGR. From the perspective of users, should I get an iPhone or Android is no longer intense since Apple and Google overtaking the global market share as all other platforms have failed. So, it would be an intelligent approach to take inspiration from each other and that is being done by Android. You cannot accuse it to invade the global market share but do ensure users that they do not abandon in the halfway.

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Software updates turned seamless

It is quite annoying the speed at which platform updates arrive which can only be understood by the owners of Android devices. While this is quite instantaneous in case of Apple when iOS updates are rolled out. According to Androidcentral, the open nature of Android, the vast differences in hardware across the entire ecosystem, and the large number of moving parts are some of the factors that impact the long delay.

But with Android Nougat, new update mechanism is quite brilliant. Left those days when every function had to stop in order to update the smartphone. The current situation is that the software updates can be conveniently downloaded over Wi-Fi while bringing the phone into use for other purposes. What brought into this drastic change is the special separate partition installed by Android while everything is happening in the background.

High-resolution display with recent release

Android Resolution Screen

Samsung outshone iPhone 7 which can be evidenced that Android has taken inspiration from iPhone. Galaxy S7 features with a rich, colourful 5.1 inch Super AMOLED display have given a tough fight to iPhone 7. Its resolution with 1440*2560 pixel screen and protection retorted Retina HD display.

This battle of high-resolution started in the year 2010 when Apple had the lowest resolution while comparing all other flagship devices. With initiation of pixel war with Retina display somehow acquired the battle in its favour. Hence Android has taken the inspiration from that point to create something worth comparable to Apple.

Google play Store as intuitive as App Store

Both App Store and Google Play Store offer apps, books, films as well as TV series. When Apple had begun the journey with fistful of apps and within 3 months, the figure touched 100 million downloads and exponentially increased, each year passed by. This has been the common statistics more likely be used in the keynote speech. While Google launched it as Android Market with handful of apps which grew from 2300 apps in 2009and reached upto 80000 apps by the end of the summers in 2010, as per Android Authority. On March 2012, the Android Market rebranded as Google Play which was merged with Google eBookstore and Google Music.

There are quite vivid differences between these two Stores. Considering the attributes like profitability, quality, download, App Store has been ahead of the race.

With the addition of new features and APIs by Google, it can now be pushed out with the help of Google Play services. While plenty of the Google’s core Android apps are now updated through the Google Play Store. For instance, a new version of Gmail used to look Google in order to deliver an updated Google Mobile Service package and had to wait to push it as a part of an OS update.

With advent of “Nexus” experience, Android is trying to live on the Play Store as a set of apps that can easily be updated independently of the OS by spinning of major Google apps into the Play Store. This has left with the consistent user experience of Google. Other includes the introduction some of the latest features and APIs through Google Play Services in order to enhance the user experience.

Keyboards with complete game changing approach

Keyword Analysis

While considering Apple’s virtual keyboard, it was a complete game changer with third-party support which stood out of the crowd. Although Apple’s keyboard still rendering the most exciting typing experience, with the ultimate appreciation goes to intuitive designs and touch response which has rose the user experience upto a certain point that was quite difficult for Android users to strive.

With the new and improved model for keyboard navigation, Android O is expected to make using Android apps on a Chromebook which may tends to prove less frustrating. Although the major weakness in Android where Android apps are designed with a single touchscreen navigation which makes it quite arduous to leverage large screens keeping keyboard and mouse inputs underutilised. As per The Verge, with the introduction of Android O, Google is taking initiative to integrate better keyboard navigation so that Android can perform seamlessly.

Wrapping up

Although, taking the inspiration from other strengths is a good idea. But there is a thin line of difference between inspiration and infringing patents. So, both the giants must respect the innovation they have started with and take the inspiration from each other to render the ultimate user experience.


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