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Today, even the world’s most famous and prestigious brands are promoting their products and services using social media apps and sites. A social media app development company is always in great demand just because such apps have become an effective way to approach maximum target audience and entice them to like a product or a service through it.

With Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, a many more, businesses have abundant options to offer unmatched exposure to their brands. The only thing is you have to be little conscious about the type channel that you want to use for your specific product or service. In this post we have mentioned some top rated social media and content apps that you can consider to advertise your brand and even those who are looking for some more fun and excitement in their lives.


There will be hardly anyone on this planet that doesn’t recognize this social media giant. With monthly active users (MAU) of 2.7 billion, Facebook has become the largest growing social media app today. Founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004, the app is easily accessible through mobile phones (Android or iPhones), laptops, PCs, and tablets. The app is best known for its Photos, news feeds, messenger, relationship status, embedded-in-posts and many more exciting features which make it the most rejoiced social media apps in the world today.


Telegram is free and open source cloud-based messaging software that was founded by Pavel Durov in 2013. This social media giant has gained much popularity because of its secret texting features. A trusted and renowned social app development company will best serve the purpose to get such amazing apps. It best adheres to the privacy policies and offer a secure and trusted social media platform for users from all over the world. Brands and businesses can create chatbots and send messages to several subscribers in just one go.


Also known as world’s second largest search engine, Youtube has the largest user base among all other online video platforms. It is a Google-owned video platform that was launched in February 2005. Today, it has become the most favorite platform for various brands across the globe for promoting their products and services in a creative and elaborated way.


As per the user base, WhatsApp remains the third largest social media app that is used by people across the world. It was acquired by facebook in the year 2014 and since then, it never looked back. More than 175 million users from over 180 countries send text messages on a daily basis through this amazing messaging app. Today any dating development company is witnessing a great demand for such apps.


With monthly active users 1.22 billion, it is another Facebook property that stands in top five social media apps. It has gained much popularity in regards to social commerce as it has almost become a virtual shopping mall with ample features to allow businesses promote tyheir brands in the best creative way.


This social media giant has successfully transformed its image from a job board to commercial social media site. It was acquired by Microsoft in the year 2016 and since then, the company has marked great hype in the recent years. However, the monthly active users data was not available for Instagram but its active account members exceed 756 million which is appealing enough for any corporate giant to consider this social media app for its business’s promotion.


Just after its launch, this social media app gained maximum attention within a short span of time as compared to any other social media app. Just after its launch in 2017, it became the top downloaded app in the year 2020. A social app development company can offer best social media app required you must be clear with your objectives and target audience. It’s a short video sharing platform with a unique addictive algorithm. In terms of popularity, TikTok outpaced Instagram in America and is now threatening Snapchat to remain at top.



It has monthly active users of 498 million and has been around since 2011. Owned by the company Snap, SnapChat’s stories have gained much popularity because of its unique format that is copied by its various social media app competitors. With a youthful and loyal userbase, SnapChat remains the most popular app among teens after TikTok.


With its stunning design and user-friendly features, Reddit is a good social media platform for users. This social media app is specifically apt for those who like to discuss, share pictures & videos, and chat. You will find some dedicated forums named as “Subreddits” which have their own engagement levels.

Tape Real

Tape real is a new entry in the market but offers exceptional features and functionalities for users where they can record and engage audience through short videos and audios. It’s a kind of social podcasting with a video twist and something that is much appreciated by its worldwide users. You can record conversations with friends just by calling them or start a vlog/audio-log by recording solo.

If you have missed out any of the above-mentioned social media apps, you must select an apt app among these and give it a try for a totally different experience.

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