Don’t you check your Smartphone every second?

This is the only reason that has led to the rapid growth of mobile app development. We have an application for every sort of thing or facility one thinks of availing. There are so many notifications from apps that keep you engaged in your phone. This is all possible because of the mobile app development companies in the market that have made it possible to give out a platform to every individual who invents an exclusive idea.

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82 percent of Time Spent with Mobile Media Happens via Apps

– ComScore

Australia has broken track records of providing an excellent market for innovative applications. Let’s have a look at the companies who have supported app development specifically in Australia.

1. DigiFutura

This company has secured the first position in the list of best mobile app development companies in Australia. It has accomplished this position due to the fact that they always stand on their commitments and support their clients to move forward with their ideas. They provide knowledge to clients on how the technology will empower their innovation. They provide app development for every platform so that the product can reach to the wide variety of audiences.

Motto: “we aim to provide world-class innovative app development services to start-ups and enterprises.”

2. Dream Walk

This company has made 9 years of experience in providing mobile app development services. It owes this position because top brands have been partners to this company and they use the latest technology to work with like AR kit or the use of lambda expressions. They provide deliverables according to client’s requirements with all the customizations included accordingly. They work very professionally with full SRS documentation.

Motto: “With more No. 1 apps and a history of mobile innovation, DreamWalk are the app development partner trusted by brands and entrepreneurs who want to change the world.”

3. Appster

They have a widespread business of developing mobile applications in Australia, this adds to their achievement of securing 3rd position among top mobile app development companies in that country. It has dominated the market in the field of mobile app development since years. It has its office situated in Silicon Valley. Their work is recognized as a piece of excellence and they have more than 100 trusted clients. They keep perfection in their work so as to provide hundred percent efficient products to the requirements of their clients.

Motto: “Build a development hub for the greatest ideas and innovations in the world.”

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4. Zeleous Systems

Zeleous extends its hands with both platforms namely iOS and Android. They have skills in making smart designs of the project. They take the idea from clients and give it a smart edge with technology. All the basic and necessary features are added, but their exclusiveness lies in reframing the project in an innovative way and making it available for both the prime platforms. They know the potential of application marketing in mobile phones. The world will involve itself in deep in the usage of mobile apps.

Motto: “passionate to code your success.”

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5. Fluper

It is the youngest company in mobile app development and has been able to put a benchmark so early. Some of the top authentic apps have led to the development of this company at a faster pace. In coming years, due to the excellence of work this company provides, it will be one on the top of the list of app development companies in Australia. They transform ideas to get the best out of the innovation.

Motto: “Bringing Fluidity in Performance to transform Ideas into Experience.”

6. Relia Software

Relia Software is a wholesome team combination of mobile app developers, testers, and creative designers. The projects they undertake are open source for all the people on completion and the one which is customer centric follow the standard rule that is only for the enterprises and startups no product details would be shared. They have helped so many startups to boost their ideas in such a way that results in the start of a successful journey.

Motto: “ReliaSoft offers convenient product suites to improve performance and productivity with a tailored set of tools that meets your needs.”

7. Dot Square

This company has undertaken many big named projects and have paved way for their successful establishment. They keep up with technological advancement and the correct utilization of its knowledge has led to the development of out of the box projects that are being extensively utilized by many industries. In short, they have a good face in the field of app development.  

Motto: “From large to miniscule requirements, our solutions always deliver the desired results.”

App Development Companies

8. App Gurus

This company provides both mobile app development as well as web development. They also provide custom softwares for all types of operating systems like iOS, Linux, etc. They have mostly developed start-up business applications.

Motto: “We listen to our clients, and interpret their requests into technical solutions that will help them succeed in the app space.”

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9. Seguro Technologies

They have also put a step ahead in mobile app development market very well. Looking at the competition in the market, they participated in different platforms for mobile apps and web apps; they stood strong in this field. They provide the optimized product that does not cost much as well as is capable of being scaled up and down.

Motto: “sparking creative ideas to optimize your brands. We believe giving the brand great competitive advantage over time.”

 10. Gomeeki

This company might be on the last but their work and performance have resulted to be a part of this list, which is appreciable. This company is new but the pace at which it is grabbing attention in the mobile app development companies is very good. This company has provided digital support to many organizations in Australia like cricket and eventually got into the field of mobile app development.

Motto: “Delivering on the key pillars of successful engagement.”


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