It has been always appreciable how construction could be related with the technology thus giving birth to new amazing ideas which can help construction companies through mobile app development. Construction professionals are always in the need of getting assistance when they are on site, the wide spreading of mobile devices have provided great help to them.

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 “The road to success is always under construction” – Lily Tomlin

There are so many ways in which mobile application development services could be helpful to us, obviously application developments cannot construct a building in place of you, but they can provide help in layout and designing. In case of bid management, field work, surveillance or emergency, these applications could be of use. Below is a list of applications that are suitable for construction-related work.

1. Construction Master Pro App

It provides a realistic type hand help unit and can be used whenever math problems are needed to be solved related to field and construction, like length, perimeter, volume, depth, and area. This mobile application can relieve construction professionals from using those heavy master calculators. This is app is available on both iOS and Android platform. It is easy to use and has many inbuilt functions that could solve big problems in seconds, just the values are needed.

2. e-Builder

it is a type of project management tool deployed for construction work, it provides real-time performance dashboards which can help big companies to manage the site performance and bring down the cost of project thereby increasing productivity. There are so many job sites for a company and it is very difficult to keep track of every location’s job site. Therefore, so this app combines all and updates each site’s schedule, cost, procurement, operations, etc.

Good buildings come from good people and all problems are solved by good design

3. DroneDeploy

DroneDeploy is very useful surveying the site. In the construction field, mapping the job site is crucial task and requires a lot of time. However, with the help of this mobile application, one can easily and accurately take the measurements of the site, thus generating contour maps. After this, you can share or keep a check on progress of the project work.

4. eSUB

it is a hub that provides information about the sub-contractors which take the work of construction and materials. It is tough to navigate in the vicinity to get the best contractor, eSUb suggests vendors that can do the task with risk management assets. It is not like, once you hire a vendor from this app, the app’s functionality is over, it still provides you with progress documents and daily workflow of sub-contractor. It is availed from both iOS and Android platforms.

5. Fall Safety Pro

Construction site is an accident-prone area, workers risk their life while doing the construction work besides they are provided with all the safety equipment. It was developed by the top mobile app development company in USA, as it is widely used there.  When the application detects a fall, the sensors alert the contacts about emergency with the GPS location of the user.


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6. Canvas

This application is for maintaining work orders, audits, estimates, forms on the handy mobile phones. Looking through paper files requires more efforts and is time-consuming. However, using this application everything is ready in a minute if uploading of work is up to date. It also has a barcode scanner that would help you check the equipment or inventory.

7. SmartBid

It is a cloud-based platform that is set to send invites for bid by sharing project documents. This helps the company to bid for tenders and collaborate with right subcontractors for assigning the work. It is worth for distributed environments as location is not the part of the game, but bridge contracts are!

8. Truelook

It is again a drone technology that provides site inspection and contour maps, which is a necessary thing for all the civil companies. It is somewhat like DroneDeploy mobile application service.

9. Bridgit Closeout

It is a cloud- based solution for managing the tasks of employees like reporting and note-taking. It allows every member of the crew to be connected all the time with project management team for receiving any updates or orders. It has the functionality to record issues and share so that no detailing is missed by you while you are not on project site.

10. JobFLEX

This a useful application for the construction companies who want to have estimates of the projects and build editable or customizable material lists and forms. It allows people to use photos of the materials for more clarity and reference, thereby giving it a professional look.

Every sector of progressing work requires a good mobile application development. it is very important because mobile is handy and quick to use, in case of any failure one can easily communicate or manage the consequences. It also relies on the involvement of a civil engineer who knows the requirements with an iOS or Android App developer to deliver a problem-solving product.

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