Health apps are increasing in numbers day by day. Now medical and healthcare companies are taking interest in providing users new applications to ease their already hectic life.  Imagine your Smart Phone has become smart enough to notify you on your chronic disease and diagnose your ailment within few seconds, fetching professional guidance on your phone. Well, there is no need to imagine this since Application Developers have already converted this imagination of yours into a reality, programming Healthcare Mobile Apps on both iOS and Android Platform.

“He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope, has everything.”- Arabian Proverb

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Health is the most precious wealth that a person carries till his last day on earth. It is highly thoughtful of the Mobile Apps Developers to come up with such an unique and innovative web feature that can render healthcare service to almost any person, who owns a smart phone, at any time of the day or night.

“The health of the people is really the foundation upon which all their happiness and all their powers as a state depend.” –Benjamin Disraeli

Medical apps can be leveraged to improve users’ daily life and foster positive patient outcomes. The possibilities range from allowing users to access and organize important personal health information, to helping patients track and monitor their progress and recovery. Both Android iPhone, two most preferred types of mobile devices, have entered the healthcare domain and each is trying to outdo the other, in terms of the developer and the user.

Let us understand the Medical Application Software from iPhone Operating System’s perspective.

Both the Android and Apple run on a common Operating System- Unix. The main point of difference between these two platforms is the User Interface. Apple has just one centralized vendor solution, that is, the Apple iTunes Store, through which developers and users  interact with each other. The developer here, has to work on one platform only to sell his or her app – the iTunes Store, thereby making it feasible to use. This reduces the problem of compatibility, both for the developer and the user of the app.

The different types of Healthcare Apps available in iOS app store:

The tech giant already has Health app which helps people to collect their health information using sensor-based technology. Slowly it is improvising the Medical Applications, taking a step further and has come up with quite a few of them.

  • CareKit– (Framework to display care plans, a Symptom and Measurement Tracker for monitoring symptoms)

CareKit Fitness App

A framework for developers to build apps that let you manage your well-being on a daily basis. Through these apps, Apple aims to make it easier for the patients to send their health-related information to a doctor and keep a track on their health progress.

  • mPower– (Mobile Parkinson Disease Study)

mpower ios healthcare application

This is one of the best health apps available in apple store. The app provides innovative activity-measurements through a memory game, finger tapping, voice recording, and walking, specially designed for patients suffering from Parkinsons.  

  • Austim & Beyond-(study of childhood mental health powered byApple’s ResearchKit)

This health application is concerned mainly for children. It analyses a child’s emotions and behavior with the use of video technology. And then displays data according to the result gain.

  • EpiWatch-(Track Your Epilepsy Seizures. Track Your Treatment)

CareKit Fitness App

This app is more relevant for those using a Apple Watch. This app is designed to predict seizures before they happen and track on the beginning and the duration of the seizures.


New health apps coming up in its kitty are:

  • One Drop- This is designed for people with diabetes
  • Glow- This is a reproductive healthcare apps
  • Iodine- This is for people with depression
  • Postsurgical Care Apps- This app will help the doctors to follow up on their respective patients after a surgery.

Common Issues faced by Medical Mobile App Developers:

  • Results not predictable
  • Unreliable analysis
  • Life saving app not available

Applications can never bring relief to critically ill patients. It can also prove dangerous for patients to use if there is technical glitches. Hence it is important to choose the right platform and the right device to develop the Medical Apps.

Fluper has ventured into the Healthcare Industry and successfully developed the health apps for its clients. Medical apps are the fastest growing mobile app development industry, with healthcare app revenues expected to triple within the next couple of years. But the core perspective of these Applications must not shift from Healthcare to revenue generation. As Richard Baker rightly states-

“To get rich never risk your health. For it is the truth that health is the wealth of wealth.”

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